Having issues starting UEM Services on Closed Network?

The most common cause for UEM Services not starting on a Closed Network is because UEM Services are not able to perform CRL check to digicert.

Trying to use Self-Signed Certs for a Closed Network?

After engaged on few closed network design and deployments, it’s common for customer to use self-signed certificates versus public CAs. Customer’s environment are typically air-gapped and have no external connectivity. Hence, public SSL cert really serves no purposes and create

Managing Android Devices on Closed Network #gotchas#

Are you trying to deploy Android devices on Closed Network? In this blog post, I will walk through key considerations and concerns to ensure a successful deployment.  1. Avoid Android Legacy (Device Administrator Mode) Google is deprecating support for Android

Topology Tool is Back!

Need to whip up a quick Workspace ONE architecture diagram then use TechZone's Workspace ONE Topology Tool. It's a no-brainer :)