Trying to use Self-Signed Certs for a Closed Network?

After engaged on few closed network design and deployments, it’s common for customer to use self-signed certificates versus public CAs. Customer’s environment are typically air-gapped and have no external connectivity. Hence, public SSL cert really serves no purposes and create

Managing Android Devices on Closed Network #gotchas#

Are you trying to deploy Android devices on Closed Network? In this blog post, I will walk through key considerations and concerns to ensure a successful deployment.  1. Avoid Android Legacy (Device Administrator Mode) Google is deprecating support for Android

Having issues starting UEM Services on Closed Network?

The most common cause for UEM Services not starting on a Closed Network is because UEM Services are not able to perform CRL check to digicert.

Topology Tool is Back!

Need to whip up a quick Workspace ONE architecture diagram then use TechZone's Workspace ONE Topology Tool. It's a no-brainer :)