Reset “Administrator” Password

Have you forgotten or misplaced your “administrator” Password OR simply have you exceeded the password attempts. Henced, locked out your account and received the follow error: Your Workspace ONE UEM account has been locked. Please reset your password to unlock your account or contact your IT administrator.

As long as you have access to the UEM Database, you can reset the administrator password.

1. Use the following command to find the CoreUserID for the required admin account:

					select * from dbo.CoreUser
where Username='<username of the account>'				

2. Please open SQL and run the following script. This will reset the password to ‘ airwatch1 ‘.

					Update dbo.coreuser set Password='liwtiQIvfk3E78TZczj9qZy9Wo1cP+iIc5xX3WcFeE1VnqCsE8pWuVb7I/13aOloYJA3miNHFfJipf2y4WOYkA==', 
where CoreUserID=<admin core ID>```				

3. Reset password is not succifient, you will also need to unlock the account. 

					select IsLockedOut, * from dbo.CoreUser
where Username='<username of the account>'				

4. If the IsLockedOut value is 1, run the following query to update the locked out state to false.

					update dbo.CoreUser
set IsLockedOut=0
where CoreUserID=<admin core ID>